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Honk and Wave at Hwy 25

           (Hollister, CA)

Rocks Ranch on Highway 101.
One of 4 sites that may be rezoned
to allow commercial development.

Commercial & Residential Development In Rural San Benito County (California)

Hwy 101 Development

San Benito County Supervisors voted unanimously on September 24, 2019 to rezone 4 agricultural and rural sites ("nodes") along 7 miles of scenic Hwy 101 to allow the following development at each node (See page 7 of Ordinance 991, found here):

  • 125 room hotel

  • 100,000 sq ft retail 

  • 30 residential units 


82 PORC volunteers collected 4,428 petition signatures for a Referendum to reverse the Supervisors' decision (NO on Measure K).

Other Commercial Development

Preserve Our Rural Communities (PORC) volunteers have learned that San Benito County plans to rezone 12 other agricultural and rural sites (nodes) to allow commercial development.  Click here to view a map of other commercial nodes proposed for Hwy 156 and Hwy 25 near Hollister, Tres Pinos and Paicines.


 Volunteers deliver petition signatures to County (Oct. 2019)  



PORC volunteers have worked since January 2019 to oppose the Hwy 101 developments. We are also researching how to best respond to the County's plans to develop other rural and agricultural lands in the County. Click here to see how you can get involved. 

Referendum (NO on K)

On September 26, 2019, PORC volunteers launched a Referendum Petition drive to repeal the San Benito County Supervisors' decision to rezone the 4 Hwy 101 nodes. On March 3, 2020 ballot voters can say "NO" to traffic and urban sprawl by voting NO on Measure K.

You can read the Referendum (NO on Measure K) by clicking here. Page 7 has a list of the allowed development at each Hwy 101 node -- hotel, retail, 30 residences.

  Rally outside Supervisors' Chambers (Sept 2019)  


  Fundraiser at VFW in San Juan Bautista (May 2019)  

75 residents rally at San Juan Rd overpass above Hwy 101 (Aromas) to protest Hwy 101 development (July 2019)

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